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  1. I have been using SF thru MPLAB for a while. However, it seems that debugging thru MPLAB is a bit cumbersome. For some reason, MPLAB is not recognizing the COF file that is built and thus is not allowing debugging after a compile. My workaround has been to BUILD, import the COF file, then, hit the DEBUG button. While this does work and will give me line-by-line debugging with breakpoints, it is annoying. Is there anything that I can change or modify to have MPLAB automatically recognize the COF file like PBP does?



  2. With Microoft discontinuing Windows XP in about 6 months, whats the general consensus of Vista in the IM space?


    Im running it on one laptop but am still using XP for all my IM stuff. There still seems to be a lot of compatibility issues with applications across the board, not just in IM. And it seems like not a lot of the software in the IM space has really been tested with Vista.


    Is anyone using Vista on a regular basis? If so hows it going? Have you seen applications that wont run under Vista?

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