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    Support For Pic16F145X Devices

    I would like to request support for the 16F145X family of devices. Is this a matter of creating an appropriate h-file that has the correct register mapping, or is it more challengint than that? Thanks, Shayne
  2. shayne@spectreengineering.com

    Digital Io

    Hi, I am trying to get digital input on a 16F688. I have tried both port A and port C, but can't seem to read digital input. My code is listed below. I am using port C3 as input, port C1 as output. BatMon.h has function prototypes only. #include <system.h> #include "BatMon.h" #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _FCMEN_OFF & _INTOSCIO & _WDT_OFF & _BOD_OFF & _CP_OFF volatile bit rtc @PORTC.3; // RA4 button void main() { HWInit(); for(;;) { lrtc = readSW0(); if(rtc == 1) ToggleRed(); delay_s(1); }//for(ever) }//main void HWInit(void) { adcon1 = 0x08; trisc = 0x08; }//HWInit void ToggleRed(void) { static char flag = 1; if(flag == 0) { flag = 1; set_bit(portc, 1); } else { flag = 0; clear_bit(portc, 1); }//if-then-else }//ToggleRed Does this code look OK? Is there anything anyone can see that is obviously wrong? Thanks, Shayne
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    Digital Io

    Thanks for the reply. I have been running the code on a 16F819 device. Just as a test, I built a board with a 16F689 and got the same results. I ran the code in the debugger and it seems to be OK, it just doesn't seem to run in hardware. I wonder if my circuit design is to blame, but I seem to get appropriate transitions on the pins when I monitor them with a scope. I'm at a loss... I thought perhaps I'd try writing a function in assembly to test the switch.
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    Hi, how does system.h know which device I am going to use? Do I need to #define anything? -Shayne
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    Configuration Flags

    Hi, is there some description somewhere of what the configuration flags that are defined in the various header files are for? Thanks, Shayne
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    I2c_driver And Debugging

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to PICs and BoostC (though not to microcontrollers), and I had a couple of questions. What devices are supported by the i2c_driver routines that are found in the BoostC installation? From the looks of it, I'm assuming the 16F8XX series? How different are the devices in that series from each other? I also have a question regarding debugging. I am using the ICSP features to program the devices in my circuit board. I have done that OK, blinking lights and so forth, but as I get into more complicated applications (such as I2C interfaces), I'd like to be able to step through my code, is that possible? What interface do I need to use for this? Are there emulators avialble that are compatible with BoostC? Thanks, Shayne Rich