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  1. Hi, I have a trouble when trying to initialize a structure using enum : here is some code: typedef enum { // shape listing Rect =0x0001, Box =0x0002, Circle =0x0004, // effect in shape C_Check =0x0100, C_Radio =0x0400, C_Fill =0x0800, C_Dynamic =0x8000, C_Underline =0x4000, //Text content Text =0x1000, }behavior; typedef struct { behavior static_behavior; behavior symbol_selection; behavior OKMOD_behavior; }CTRL_Template; When initializing my table of structure: CTRL_Template Template[0] ={Text, MOD, Rect, C_Fill}; I have the following errors: error: can't convert 'enum ' to 'struct CTRL_Template' error: failed to initialize variable 'Template' What is the trouble? Thx
  2. Hi, I have a failure in compilation when defining this: typedef void (*CallBack)(unsigned char); Can anyone tell me what is the problem?
  3. Hi, Is there an equivalent of memcpy in BoostC? Thx
  4. Ok thx dave! I have another question, I have an error with this declaration when I compile typedef enum _type{ // choix des figures RECTANGLE=0x0000, CIRCLE=0x0001, ELLIPSE =0x0002, RECT_ARRONDIE=0x0004, // choix de l'effet qui correspond aux figures C_Check=0x0100, C_Button=0x0200, C_Radio=0x0400, C_Fill=0x0800, C_Dynamic=0x8000, }; What is the problem?
  5. Hi all, I am just starting to use SourceBoost. I want to compile a code using math.h or stdio.h file (I formerly used PIC C18 to build my project.) But in my boostC include directory there is no kind of such files. How can function such (fabs()) be recognized by compiler? Thx in advance.
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