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  1. I'm new to boostc and saw a pic article about using the ADC's as analog touch sensors. http://ww1.microchip...otes/01298A.pdf I've been trying for a couple of days without some success but both channels are getting detected with same value when either button is pressed. Here's what I did: adcon0 = 00000001b; // Turn on the A/D converter, select channel 0 . delay_ms(20); Go_Done=1; // Start conversion while ( Go_Done == 1 ) // Wait for conversion to complete -- better put a timeout in here some time. { } // Separate int's n
  2. Yes, if I write a 0x18 I read back 1 second later a 0x10. I have tried two 16f877's with same results. I do have a theory now... I think both 16f877's have been damaged. I wrote small program to toggle each portb pin. For both 877's I saw every pin toggle except RB3. I sent the hex file to someone who could test the hex file on another 877. The hex file worked for them and not for me. I am going to order a few more 877's, test them outside my pcb, and then if they are ok, try one in the circuit. If it fails, it may be because I am drawing too much current on portb and
  3. I have a PIC 16F877 which I have programmed to control another device. I have portb configured as an output and provides the address to this other device. When I write 0x18,0x19 or any byte having the the 4th bit set it always returns a zero 0. (Not always. Occasionally, it will return correctly, but just once) So if I write 0x18 I get back 0x10. If I write 0x19, I get back 0x11. I see in the 877 PDF that this pin can also be assigned to a low voltage programming function, but I have the option disabled in the configuration bits. I've tried two boards, and also tried sending th
  4. I was wondering why this didn't work... char accessAddress@realAddress; int address = realAddress; sendString("Displaying address: "); sendHex(realAddress); sendString("\r\n"); char addressHigh = (address & 0xFF00) >> 8; char addressLow = (address & 0x00FF); sendString("Address: "); sendString("0x"); sendHex(addressHigh); sendHex(addressLow); sendString(" - "); sendString("0x"); sendHex(accessAddress); sendString(" \r\n");
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