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  1. But, I don't pass any parameters to the macro. I just want to change "IsManual()" to "XXXXXX". Just brackets in macro can cause that problem?? And...Would you let me know all predefined register (and their addresses)files when the target is pic16c74b? I think some register files are already defined and some are not. It's confusing. That make me even doubting about addresses of predefined register files. Please save me in this confusion. Help~
  2. I'm using pic16c74b. I want to control configuration word.(Specifically, I want to disable watch dog timer.) In pic manual, it is written that they can be set during programming. I think they can be controlled using preprocessors. In PCM, watch dog timer can be controlled by #fuses preprocessor. But, I don't know how to control configuration word in C2C-plus. Please let me know it. And Would you let me know all preprocessors I can use in C2C-plus? Help me~~~ Have a NICE day!! :cool:
  3. I have some problems compling with c2c-plus compiler. Now I'm programming for PIC16C74B. First, following sentence, #define IsManual() (((PORTD)&00001000b)>>3) //manual, auto I just want to change "IsManual()" to the rightmost term of that sentence. But compiling error occurs. When I change "IsManual()" to "IsManual"(erasing parentheses), then error disappears. What is wrong? Second, I got compiling error message like "Undefined identifier 'TRISD'" I think some of the register files in pic16c74 are not defined by default. How can I solve this problem?
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