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  1. I am having some trouble compiling the example programs from the PicAnt web page: http://www.picant.com/c2c/examples.html Am I doing something wrong or has the entire compiler changed since these examples were written? Most include *.inc files, which seem to have been renamed *.h Furthermore, all the definitions seem to have been changed from upper to lower case, or underscores removed. Messages about built-in variables being obsolete are all over the place... When I finally change all this around on one of the examples, inter4.c, I get this: Location of "_eedata" already occupied or not valid. What gives? I was able to get some LEDs flashing, but that's it. None of the RS232 examples compile. When I use the project wizard, there appears to be a routine for sending a single character through the serial port (and part of a receive system seems to be written). However, I don't see one single example that uses the project wizard. Is there some sort of documentation I am missing or do I just have to guess? Is there some magic trick to get the examples to compile? (BTW: I am using version 5.2)
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