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  1. Thanks for the responses. Looking forward to the updates!
  2. I'm using the debugger w/ PIC16F628 code and trying RB0 interrupts. I debug the C2C generated assembly w/ MPLAB and get interrupts as expected, but not so with the C2C debugger (I'm using the logic analyzer for the RB0 stimulus). Also, is there any way to provide C2C debugger stimulus besides the logic analyzer? And is there any way to load logic analyzer stimulus with a plain text file? I've also noticed that the logic analyzer's timing doesn't track exactly w/ the tick count. I think it neglects to properly account for the 2-cycle instructions. I looked through all of the documentation I could find, but I didn't find any references to interrupts or stimulus inputs. I hope someone can point me to these features or they can be implemented soon if not already present. Thanks.
  3. This sounds like the animate feature of many debuggers. I would like to see an animate feature!
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