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  1. Thanks, Dave. I picked up a copy of FED's compiler package and am using it in the interim. I'm finding their application designer a bit more awkward than what I"ve come to like about the Pixie developer. Admittedly, theirs does a nice job of pre-compiling code and environment variables, but the fact that that gets "locked-in" on every compile makes complete control quite a challenge - just another learning curve, I guess! Ted.
  2. If I rewrite the header file can I compile for an 18F258? I don't yet need the -$ (that's money out of my pocket) going to C18 as I only have an occasional need for 18-series progg-ing. Has anyone tried this? Would it work? Or is the opcode list so radically different that there's no chance until the 18-friendly version of c2c is released? Thanks, Ted.
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