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  1. Hi Pavel: I purchased the Pro license and tried to use the key to unlock goodies.exe without success. I'm also wondering where the lib source code is. Also, wondering about the lower case register access. I know it's your standard but I wanted to make mine in all upper case. I created the replacement 16F690.h file and it compiled without an error but when it linked, it threw a duplicate global def error. These globals were defined somewhere elsewhere: STATUS,INDF,FSR,PCL Please tell me how to make all the register variables in upper case. thx I have similar license problem downloaded package, installed, it runs but when trying to register with name and code you emailed me it fails. it also gets flagged as a virus. please advise thanks
  2. I downloaded and installed C++ package, ran the registration tool with the name and code they mailed me. fails to register. Any ideas. I am on W10, Surface Pro 4.
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