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  1. if I compile file.c and link failed due to xx words can't fit inside PIC I want to know how much RAM or ROM.needed to do that?.....is there command line option to know how much RAM i want ......without choosing any PIC ..........
  2. Yes I think it's funny..... regarding INTEL I think in MPLAB there is big endian or little endian..(Motorrola)......I found FAQ tell me that bank0 is fulled with data so I have to change to another bank..........Is there a way to minimize my code ...I check it in MPLAB(Microchip product) "optimizing code" I think the code is very very large ?????....plz add struct to your compiler C2C I like it ..... Is there PIC has Large RAM ????/? REMARK : I use hi tech PICC in MPlab......
  3. I have compiled c program and has no errors in compiling So in linking the code there was an error PIC16F84A Building IMP.HEX... Compiling IMPO.C: Command line: "C:\HT-PIC\BIN\PICC.EXE -W0 -G -O -Zg -D24 -E -16F84A -C C:\DOCUME~1\MORPHOUS\DESKTOP\PROJECT\IMPO.C" Enter PICC -HELP for help Linking: Command line: "C:\HT-PIC\BIN\PICC.EXE -INTEL -16F84A -oIMP.HEX C:\DOCUME~1\MORPHOUS\DESKTOP\PROJECT\IMPO.OBJ " Enter PICC -HELP for help ::Can't find 0x489 words for psect rbss_0 in segment BANK0 (error) ::Can't find 0x1BC words (0x1BC withtotal) for psect text0 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x59 words (0x59 withtotal) for psect text8 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x47 words (0x47 withtotal) for psect text2 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x43 words (0x43 withtotal) for psect text3 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x41 words (0x41 withtotal) for psect text9 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x31 words (0x31 withtotal) for psect text7 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x1D words (0x1D withtotal) for psect text1 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x15 words (0x15 withtotal) for psect text in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x13 words (0x13 withtotal) for psect text0 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0x10 words (0x10 withtotal) for psect text4 in segment CODE (error) ::Can't find 0xC words (0xC withtotal) for psect text in segment CODE (error) Exit status = 1 MPLAB is unable to find output file "IMP.HEX". Build failed. Is that error means that I have no space or the code is big .hex to fit the PIC16F84A .....Is there a way to solve this problem by increasing memory locations in the PIC or anything else plz
  4. why struct is not supported??? I want maual for serial communication in your c2c links anything on the Internet cause I search all pages and download the html file for c2c Is there any thing hidden???? I asked you q? in the last forum about struct where is the archive??? ??? ???
  5. you said "I always use an external serial RAM device to store RX comms bytes." tell me HOW ?????
  6. web site any thing how ....functions ......serial communicartion help anything .......listen I want to send block of 128 bytes from PC RS232 PORT to PIC16F84A okay that sounds good .........and save them into the PIC then proccsing them internally by the PIC????
  7. I'm working on C2C compiler .....serial communication by the way I want to send a block or text file of limited size to the PIC so char getchar(); used to receive one byte How should I make a buffer using this function ....or Is there any other method to work within it ??????? ::
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