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  1. Thank you for your honesty. I will definitely be interested if/when it is supported. Regards, David
  2. When might there be support for 18F26K42? Regards, David
  3. Hm, my question is not even moderated yet. Are there plans to support the 26K62 or any of that series? They are the only 18F chips with a 12bit ADC which is why I am using them. Also, your emulator looks promising. Any plans to support some simple elements like a potentiometer/ADC module emulation for ADC code? A terminal to interface with UART? Regards, David
  4. Hi, I am an experienced PIC user, programmer and designer. I am looking to move away from Wiz-C which is no longer supported. It used to be good, though frustrating because of many bugs which tended to cancel out the big productivity pluses of the product. Increasingly I had to write my own libraries and modify the product for new chips. I have now had enough and looking to change. Anyway, I amnow looking at these Sourceboost products. I note that must of the forum activity was years ago. Does this mean that the user base is dying out? Also, a number of the PICs which I use are recent 18F devices (such as those with 12bit A/Ds etc). They are not listed on the support list. How often are new devices added to the support list? I realise of course that it would be impractical to support every PIC chip. For instance, a newish chip I would like to use now is the 18F26K42. What are the chances of supporting that in the near future? Particularly with the IDE. Regards, David
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