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  1. Hi,

    I am an experienced PIC user, programmer and designer.

    I am looking to move away from Wiz-C which is no longer supported. It used to be good, though frustrating because of many bugs which tended to cancel out the big productivity pluses of the product. Increasingly I had to write my own libraries and modify the product for new chips. I have now had enough and looking to change.

    Anyway, I amnow  looking at these Sourceboost  products. I note that must of the forum activity was years ago. Does this mean that the user base is dying out?

    Also, a number of the PICs which I use are recent 18F devices (such as those with 12bit A/Ds etc). They are not listed on the support list.

    How often are new devices added to the support list? I realise of course that it would be impractical to support every PIC chip.

    For instance, a newish chip I would like to use now is the 18F26K42. What are the chances of supporting that in the near future? Particularly with the IDE.



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