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  1. Hi Reynard, thank you very much for this information. best regards Manfred
  2. Hi Reynard. I tryed it out and used Build->Clean. There is no difference. Using the button 'build' works using the button 'compile' fails, nothing happens (same message as above) best regards Manfred
  3. I found out following items: 1. spaces in filenames causes problems in V7.43 2. after removing spaces the button 'build' works (compiles and links project correct) 3. the button 'compile' don't work like post1
  4. Hi, I am new in this forum and a hobby programmer which uses sourceboost for a few years. Up to V7.3 sourceboost and compiler works well. Now I does a update to V7.43. Pressing the compiling button of a existing project generates only the attached output message. Nothing happens. If I open a cmd window and starts the compiler with a command string then the compiler works perfect. The options settings in Sourcboost IDE seems to be correct to the path of the compiler. I think that die 'source.c' file are not founded. What is the cause? Are there any setting for the path of the project in the boost software or in the registry. please help me. The problem is on different computers (windows 7 32 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit) Manfred
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