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  1. Thanks for the hints. I have doing CAN on Freescale/Motorola START12 controllers for years and am looking for a low cost solution to a smaller application. The documentaion on the PIC18F2680 is quite mountainous and was just looking for something to bypass the learning curve a little. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Does anyone have any example 'C' code implementing the on board CAN controller in the 18F2680 or related chips? The only thing I could find on the Sourceboost site was interfacing to an external controller via SPI. Thanks
  3. Will SourceBoost ever support structures with bit-field elements?
  4. Are there plans to? I am planning on porting some code from a Freescale micro to a PIC and frequently use bit fields for flags. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Silly me. After reading the help file, I just realized that BoostC supports a bit type as well as addressing individual bits through the "." operator. My background is mainly with Motorola uC's and the Cosmic compiler where this is not supported. So far I am very impressed with BoostC and the SourceBoost IDE!
  5. Are there plans to? I am planning on porting some code from a Freescale micro to a PIC and frequently use bit fields for flags.
  6. There is a difference in the way the linkers pack the program into memory. The HI-TECH linker places the program into memory staring from the high address (0x3fe) and working down to low address (0x000) The BoostC linker starts at the low address and works up towards the high (0x3fe) addresses. It may be possible that your 12F675 may have some locations in the low address range that do not program or verify correctly. You should check that the +5 volts from the USB port is sufficient. Do not plug the PICKit1 into an unpowered USB hub. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  7. Thanks for the tip. Interestingly enough, I still get the checksum error but the program executes properly anyway. Not sure what's going on there but at least I can move forward now.
  8. Does the PICkit1 use a boot loader? Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I will have to plead ignorance on that. I can tell you that the OSCCAL, bandgap, and I believe the Configuration word are saved by the programming utility before writing.
  9. Can you run the programming software stand alone? Maybe then you can open the hex file manually and try to programm manually. See if that works, maybe the command line is wrong and its opening the wrong file. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have tried that also with the same result.
  10. I have a PICkit1 board with a PIC12F675 processor. I installed the latest "PICkit1 Classic Flash Programmer" software from Microchip (v1.74), and I set up SourceBoost IDE to invoke this when I hit the program button. When I write the HEX file, it gives me a "Checksum verify failed" error. If I build this program with the free Hi-Tech compiler (modified of course for the Hi-Tech header files, etc) it works fine. Any ideas? thanks
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