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  1. I'm having trouble with the new version of the compiler, I think I had version 4.1, now I have upgraded to the recent 4.7e. My problem is that the old compiler used to create an error with: asm jz _RTCC_interrupt saying that jz is a non native instruction but it would produce the assembler anyway. With the new version it will give the same error then not output any compiled data at all. I'm not even asking picant to assemble it! The actual error reads asm error: Non-native Scenix assembler found: jz _RTCC_interrupt How do I get picant to ignore assembler mnenomics it doesn'
  2. oh ok, I wasn't sure since I believe c2c clears the interrupt flags before leaving the interrupt routine - seemed odd it didn't sort out the flags in the beginning. Thanks
  3. How do I sort out the RTCC interrupt and one of the external port B interrupts when interrupt() is called? Thanks
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