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  1. Since c2c implements integers as 16-bit, I think the only way to get a 24-bit result is to write it yourself in assembly. You can't force the integers to be 24-bit if that functionality is not provided in the compiler. Your 32-bit integer, though, can probably be implemented with two 16-bit integers. You just need to make sure that when the lower-int overflows, you need to increment the upper-int. If the upper-int underflows, you will need to increment the lower-int. You can usually check for overflow conditions with the STATUS reg's CARRY bit. For underflow, if the MSB bit flips as a result of a arithmetic operation, then you know an underflow has occurred. pic-dude
  2. I'm new to the c2c compiler, and just wanted to konw whether or not c2c supports signed integers? I would appreciate if any of you who know would give me a quick reply. Thanks, pic-dude
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