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  1. Pavel, I tried with the flash sample and everything is ok , but the mine does not work . In my library , I am using functions that are not externals , I do not know if this is the source of the problem . Thanks, Roberto Wong
  2. Pavel, I tried with the extra field , and it did not work . Then I tried with the command line and it worked fine . Then when I tried to use the library in a c2c project , I added the library to the project ( in the workspace ) , but at compile time the library fails , the output window is giving me to many "Error : General error" messages . Wath is the rigth way of doing this . Thanks, Roberto Wong.
  3. I would like to know , how to make and how to use libraries with c2c.exe . I am using SourceBoost IDE and win2k. Thanks, Roberto Wong.
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