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  1. Hi all, I am interested in writing plug-ins for the source-boost compiler, wich I think is a great product ! I looked at the template, but I am not very familiar with C++ . Plain C or Delphi is much more readable for me. Is there any one writing plugins in delphi ? Let me know. I wonder what the "most wanted plug-in" is... Luc.
  2. Oops, I did find the template .... Luc.
  3. Hi, In an effort to write a plugin for sourceboost, It would be nice to have a short example or template. I am developing in delphi. At this moment I am able to let the plugin appeared in the menu and activate my own configure window. However I am still unable to use the windowhandle (given in plgCreate) to draw my components on the canvas of the pluginwindow. I do not understand the meaning of the SupplyFuncPrt in the create function... Are there any wiches concerning plugins ? Thanks
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