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  1. I created a workspace in Multi Project Mode I created new project and added some c files which successfully compile. But when I Build project I get blunt "Building... Failed" in the output window. Thats it, no more error detailed information, nothing. I even created a new project with empty files and still get the same meaning less Building... Failed. Any pointer to solve this problem? Thanks, Gaston
  2. I use Boostc ide with its own compiler and linker to compile a PIC project. I created a new workspace in Multiple Project Mode. I create a new project, the files compile but the build produce a blunt "Buiding... Failed" in the Output window. No explanations. Any way to get boostc to issue more hint on the error at all? Thanks
  3. This is not a valid C operand. What kind of C compiler accepts this? Thank you Paval for your fast answer. Here is my test program: -------------------------------------------------------- #include <system.h> #include <boostc.h> #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _CP_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _HS_OSC & _LVP_OFF & _BODEN_ON #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 volatile bit RA0 @0x05.0; void main(void){ cmcon=7; ansel=0; clear_bit(trisa, 0); while(1){ RA0=RA0^1; } } -------------------------------------------------------- And the .lst produced -------------------------------------------------------- ORG 0x00000000 0000 2812 GOTO _startup ORG 0x00000003 0003 main ; { main ; function begin 0003 3007 MOVLW 0x07 0004 1683 BSF STATUS, RP0 0005 1303 BCF STATUS, RP1 0006 009C MOVWF gbl_cmcon 0007 019B CLRF gbl_ansel 0008 1006 BCF gbl_trisb,0 0009 1005 BCF gbl_trisa,0 000A label268436498 000A 1283 BCF STATUS, RP0 000B 01A0 CLRF CompTempVar52 000C 0AA0 INCF CompTempVar52, F 000D 1820 BTFSC CompTempVar52,0 000E 1405 BSF gbl_RA0,0 000F 1C20 BTFSS CompTempVar52,0 0010 1005 BCF gbl_RA0,0 0011 280A GOTO label268436498 ; } main function end ORG 0x00000012 0012 _startup 0012 118A BCF PCLATH,3 0013 120A BCF PCLATH,4 0014 2803 GOTO main ORG 0x00002007 2007 3F62 DW 0x3F62 Thank you Gaston
  4. Hi, First post , New to BoostC I wanted to change the bit value on bit 0 of PortA so I used: ... volatile bit RA1 @PORTA.1; ... RA0=RA0^1; ... Which is usually well accepted in C. Well that did not work and after a lot of fiddling and reading I finally realised that this syntaxe does not seem to be allowed (or is it?) but at the same time the compiler did not provide me any clue to that effect. How could I have found this particularity ahead of time? Is there some place where all these little differences are collected? Thank you, Gaston
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