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  1. i've got the code as it is writtin here, if some one can make some corrections i'll appreciate that, thanks
  2. hey all plz i need urgent help about the steps to compile this code for pic 16f84a and get the output hex file, i need help plz it is for my senior project thanks in advance INCLUDE "modedefs.bas" TRISA = %00000010 TRISB = %00000000 OPTION_REG.7 = 1 'lcd define DEFINE LCD_DREG PORTB DEFINE LCD_DBIT 4 DEFINE LCD_EREG PORTB DEFINE LCD_EBIT 0 DEFINE LCD_RSREG PORTB DEFINE LCD_RSBIT 1 x var byte ht var byte sk var byte stp var byte bgn: x=0 ht=0 sk=0 stp=0 low porta.0 pause 500 high porta.0 LCDOut $fe,1,"Computerized" LCDOut $fe,$c0,"Lying Detector" pause 1000 l
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