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  1. The 16F818 and 16F819 are part of the PIC 16 series, not the PIC 18. These should really only be minor variants to the existing long list of variants of the PIC16 that are currently supported. Or am I completely of the mark ? Cheers, Andrewc
  2. Are these planned to be support within the next couple of weeks ? Cheers, AC
  3. Hi Pavel, Any chance of adding support for the PIC 16F 818/819. This should be a popular variant in the near future, based on its price/perfomance. Please let me know. If not, could you point to any possible work arounds. Cheers, AC
  4. I see 4.1.8 is posted as promised, and it does indeed support the 16F676 ! I have since registered, or at least placed the order. One small note: While the 16F676 is an option in c2cw, it does not appear on the target list of picantIDE. Am I just not seeing it, or was this a small omission ? If there is a remedy around the corner, it love to get my hands on it ! Cheers, andrewc
  5. Great to hear it ! Do you have a likely time frame for that release ? (I'm starting a project next week and need to finalize my toolchain selection). Cheers, andrewc
  6. Is there a plan to add the PIC16F676 to the list of target devices any time soon ? If not, is there a work around ? Cheers, andrewc :
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