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  1. Hi and sorry for wasting anybody's time. I'd altered the original source by moving class definitions around. I'd got the OS class before the Task class and of course the OS has the Task as one of it's args. Regards, Dumb and Dumber
  2. Hi. After some time away from home doing other stuff, I've tried to recommence OO programming of my PICs. Before I left I had managed to compile the example project OS, for the default target. I tried a few other targets but started to have problems - which I thought might be to do with choice of target. I've just downloaded and run 5.0.5 and gone back to the original target 16F84. Now even it won't work. I just get a whole bunch of 'General error' messages - starting with 3 of them at line 29. I've obviously changed something but I don't know what. Can you help? Regards, SLJ
  3. Hi. It compiles just fine with other processors. Does this imply I can't use C2C++ with dual register bank architectures? Regards, SLJ
  4. Hi. I get this message when I build the sample C2C++ code for a 16F673. Warning: Current target has multiple register banks but doesn't have a common (mapped) register area among register banks. This may cause incorrect code generation for C++ sources. It then subsequently fails with General error. I know what it means but how do I fix or avoid it? Regrads, SLJ
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