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  1. Hi I already made a couple of small projects with sourceboost. I think the compiler works very fine. But for technical solutions you have very often the problem to do calculations with floats. Maybe a third-party code coulde be integrated. It would be great if the next compiler-version has this functionality. Best regards Gerhard
  2. Hi, I don't think so. If you try int a; a = -1; this works fine;
  3. Hi Does anybody know, what is wrong with this code:? #define q0 -1 int a; main() { a = q0; } If you change q0 to 1 then it works Thx
  4. Try 1.) create an interface file e.g. mylib.h this file has defines the interface routine e.g. extern char myFirstRoutine(char ; 2.) create your source code file e.g. mylib.c this file defines your code e.g. extern char myFirstRoutine(char { your code lines .. b= b+1; return b; .. } 3.) goto dos-shell type c2cw -IP16F84.INC -O1 -lib myLib.c -omyLib.lib 4.) use your library include help-file in your test-program specify library you wan to use (I think you will find it under options / item default libraries.. Br skywalker
  5. it was always my..., the formum has not been actualized real-time.. ::
  6. Hi just try this approach with a logical and void main(void) { PORTB = PORTB & 10000010b; // =130dec = 82hex (0x82 in c2c) }
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