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  1. I'm still having some problems with PICP.. It seems to work , verifying the firmware version: picp com1 16f628 -v but when i try to write picp com1 16f628 -ep -bp -wp test.hex i get this error: failed to sent set range command How can i fix this? Thanks... Luiz Junior
  2. I've found a software that may work with MPLAB/Picstart Plus. It's WARP: http://www.newfoundelectronics.com/ Luiz Junior
  3. Ok, thanks... it's seems that your software works, but... how can i address my COM1 at Windows ME or XP? The help says: "To read from the device's program space, enter: picp /dev/ttyS0 16f84 -rp" How this command can be translated for Windows ME or XP? Luiz Junior
  4. Hi Everyone, there's a way to configure PICANT to PROGRAM the pic using the Microchip Picstart Plus (MPLAB Inside programmer) ? I'd like to put the line command at Options/Tools inside the Picant configuration. Thanks, Luiz Junior Campinas/SP - Brazil ICQ# 8393921
  5. Hi Everyone, i'm trying to build a DMX512 inteface with PIC16F628-04/P. When i finish the software, i will put here for free distribution. For now i'd like to use a 4mhz clock, and i'm still having some warnings. 1st - With 4mhz clock, the delay_ms(4) will work? Because the compiler sends me a warning: Warning: Parameter value of delay_us must be between 16 and 255 2nd - There's a way to get the TICK clock counter? So i can read every main loop the tick, and subtract the actual tick from the first one to get time function. Doing this way, the program will not stop at delay_ms , and all other functions may be executed normally. I hope everyone understands my poor english. Luiz Junior Campinas/SP www.dmx512.com.br iluminasom@globo.com
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