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  1. Hi Thank you? but Why is it? the "e" is a string isn't it ? (0xe8 +NULL) 'e' must be unsigned char but It is signed char. Regards
  2. Hi, my code is unsigned char c=0xe8; if.. else if(c=='é') lcd_write(4); //in LCD CGRAM 4 position asm else if(c=='é') _LCD_Write( 4 ); //francais e 2382 D7B9 BRA label268439317 2384 0EE9 MOVLW 0xE9 2386 63B3 CPFSEQ LCD_Printf_00000_1_c, 1 2388 D007 BRA label268439385 238A BFB3 BTFSC LCD_Printf_00000_1_c,7, 1 ///**sign check 238C D005 BRA label268439385 238E 0E04 MOVLW 0x04 2390 6FCA MOVWF LCD_Write_00000_arg_d, 1 2392 ECA8F00E CALL LCD_Write_00000 2398 label268439385 I was found solution else if(c==0xe8) Regards Oktay CIT
  3. Hi, Thank you that's ok! success now struct { struct {unsigned char hum;unsigned char temp;}minVal; struct {unsigned char hum;unsigned char temp;}maxVal; }edge; enum limit{a,b,c};
  4. Hi, struct edge { char minVal,maxVal; }; and enum limit{a,b,c;} The boostc compiler was error. but typedef struct {char min,max}edgeType; that's ok and lprintf(va format,...); should i use this form? or is there other way? But tough I like boostc I hope evulation Regards
  5. Hi, I want adc simulate in Ide but It doesn't work My code unsigned int readAdc(char channel) { volatile bit Go_Done@ADCON0.GO_DONE; // Note the the 18F4520 chip puts this in bit 1. volatile unsigned char ad_h@ADRESH; volatile unsigned char ad_l@ADRESL; unsigned int AD_Result; unsigned int shiftH; unsigned int shiftL; channel %=8; //adcon1 = 00001110b; adcon0 &=11100011b; adcon0 |=channel<<2; delay_ms(1); adcon0.ADFM=1; //right justify adcon0.ADON=1; //start conversion; Go_Done=1; // Start conversion ***************************************** while ( Go_Done == 1 ); // Wait for conversion to complete -- better put a timeout in here some time. **forever loop IDE simulater ****************************************** // Separate int's need to be used to keep the shifts from screwing up. shiftH = ad_h; shiftL = ad_l; AD_Result = (shiftH<<2) | (shiftL>>6); // Combine the two registers to get full 10 bits. adcon0=0; // Shut off the AD converter. return AD_Result; }
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