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  1. OK, I have seen this a lot of times now. It seems that when you start a new function on the last line of the file like this: void function(void) { code . . <eof> when you add the '}' just before the <eof>, a second '}' is added after the one you enter. It seems to happen only when you are on the last line of the file. If you have an empty line below the line you are on, it does not happen. Hopes this helps. George
  2. The code is like this: unsigned char Temperature; #define MAX_TEMPERATURE 94 . . if( Temperature > MAX_TEMERATURE ) { ... } Compiler says Temperature is begin redefined I have trippled checked and Temperature is only defined as the unsigned char.
  3. Editor settings: default with Line numbers, Smart Inditaion and Folding checked But its not doing it now!!! If it does it again I will let you know Thanks for the quick reply George
  4. Just upgraded to SourceBoost IDE and noticed that when ever I try to close a function with } and extra } is added. Not a show stopper, but it is anoying to have to delete the extra }.
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