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  1. hello, Please,where can I find information about the conventions used in the script.pat file eg .... $,# thank you
  2. hello, Does any know where to find the list of conventions used by the script.pat file thank you.
  3. Hello, I am having problem with the script below , Please help. how do I check for goto Label_xxxx and how do I goto label_xxxx etc. label_0026 movf _dlytimer+D'1', W 00. movf _dlytimer+D'1', W movwf _code_tmp_0000 01. movwf _code_tmp-0000 movf f _dlytimer, W 02. movf f _dlytimer,W btfss STATUS, Z Label_0029 subwf _code_tmp_0000 , W btfsc STATUS, Z goto label_0028 You see I want to replace ALL of the above lines with 4 lines below action .. movf _dlytimer+D'1' IORWF _dlytimer,W BTFSC STATUS,Z goto label_0028 label_0029 movlw D'2' bcf STATUS, RP0 bcf STATUS, RP1 movwf _a clrf _a+D'1' label_0028 goto _ht
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