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  1. Does anyone have examples, how to use rs232 with pic16f84 written with Pascal (p2c)??? i have some problems with using build in compiler rs232 and cant convert my asm code to pascal who can help me? thanks to all P.S. here is an example of using rs232 (asm) but it is difficult for me, to convert it to Pascal http://pic16f84.narod.ru/rs232.zip
  2. Thanks! but will it work with such expressions as PORTA or PORTB to check the current status of the pins? there is no any procedure to _check_ it! only to set/cler: set_bit/clear_bit how will looks a program, checkin the first bit in PORTA?
  3. Hello, people! who can help me? how can i realize this features in Pascal (for P2C compiler) 1. Check, if the Xth bit in Byte ( is wether 0 or 1 2. how to use expressions declared in asm? (e.g. asm TRUE equ 1) p2c compiler cannon find it if I use for example: asm TRUE equ 1 var abc: boolean; begin abc := true;
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