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  1. I have found a problem(sort of) with the file names you give your project. To create the issue you first create a new project with a filename of at least 2 words with whitespace between each word. When you go to compile it it will give an error FATAL: Unable to open input file ???????.asm ???? = the last word in the filename. if the filename is (This name.asm) the ??? willl be name.asm I have tried this a couple of times and same result every time. The compiler is called by the IDE with the following specs. C:\PROGRA~1\SOURCE~1\c2c.exe -PPIC16F876 -SRC -ols -md -O2 -Ip16F876.inc -oError out.asm ERRORO~1.C It is easy to see why the compiler is choking on this.. instead of -oError out.asm it should have quotes like standard windows arguments. "-oError out.asm". This will also involve some changes in the compiler as it cannot handle the multiple words. I think long filename support would be a good change instead of using ERRORO~1.C Thanks, Cliff
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    Debugger Issue

    I have noticed a problem in Sourceboost IDE version 5.3. After writing a program for a chip I can start the debugger and everything works fine the first time after the program has been opened. If I stop the debugger and start it again I get Error: Access violation at 0x01903BD3 (tried to read from 0x72004E4F), program terminated. The IDE then closes and I have to restart it.. It works fine again for the first time and then I get the error again. A little background that might help.. The program on the chip is a very basic one implementing interrupts to increment a counter every second. The chip is a 16F877A. I have Windows 2000. Anyone??
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