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  1. FredericG

    Cannot Find Goto Destenation

    Whas this issue solved? I sometimes have the same issue... I am using version 6.85 Frederic
  2. Is this a feature or a bug? Frederic
  3. I can give any arbitrary value and this will not collide with other variables? I need this in the ISR, so that more efficient code is generated. I have sometimes seen that the amount of code decreases while I added some code and the other way around. Could this be explained by another distribution of the variables over the banks? Thanks, Frederic
  4. Is there a way to force a variable to be allocated in a specific bank? Thanks, Frederic
  5. I have sent you the project some time ago, did you get it? Thanks, Frederic
  6. u16_t timestamp; t1con.TMR1ON = 0; // stop timer MAKESHORT(timestamp, tmr1l, tmr1h); en_of_pulse = timestamp; <<==== causes warning I am not an expert, but I think I have seen compilers that have pragma's that give hints to compiler about these things. Thanks for the workaround, I can for sure live with that solution Frederic
  7. } while (i<(5+1)); 0CDB 0813 MOVF get_wp_00000_1_i, W 0CDC 3C06 SUBLW 0x06 0CDD 3C00 SUBLW 0x00 0CDE 0213 SUBWF get_wp_00000_1_i, W 0CDF 1803 BTFSC STATUS,C 0CE0 3A06 XORLW 0x06 0CE1 1D03 BTFSS STATUS,Z 0CE2 2CD0 GOTO label151 0CE3 label152 versus: } while (i<6); 0CDB 3006 MOVLW 0x06 0CDC 0213 SUBWF get_wp_00000_1_i, W 0CDD 1C03 BTFSS STATUS,C 0CDE 2CD0 GOTO label151 I don't have the courage to delve into this, but it have a feeling that when I write (5+1) the compiler starts treating it as a signed value... } while (i<(unsigned char)(5+1)); 0CDB 3006 MOVLW 0x06 0CDC 0213 SUBWF get_wp_00000_1_i, W 0CDD 1C03 BTFSS STATUS,C 0CDE 2CD0 GOTO label151 The variable i is also unsiged. Frederic
  8. I have an application framework and drivers residing in multiple .c files. In order to switch between the actual application and a test-application (that test the framework) I made a construction like this: //#include "appl_test.c" #include "appl.c" void main(void) { // generic init code application() } the files appl_test.c and appl.c each have an implementation for the application() function This works. application() never returns and in order to save a place on the call-stack I tried making the function inline. In this case the ram is overfilled. Why does this happen? Thanks, Frederic
  9. A macro like MAKESHORT can initialize a variable but the compiler does not know that and generates a warning. Is there a way to solve this without initializing the variable explicitly? Frederic
  10. FredericG

    Linker Internal Error Message Lacks Information

    Which version of the compiler do you use?Your code compiles fine when V6.83 is used. Regards Dave I was still using 6.6 as 6.7 made my code bigger (pointer operations I think) I now switched to 6.83 and it works fine. Frederic
  11. FredericG

    Linker Internal Error Message Lacks Information

    I had it again. Dave, I have sent a tar of the project. Recompiling did not work. Removing some old useless code did help Frederic
  12. I moved to another PC yesterday and installed 6.7 instead of the 6.6 I have been using. The problem is that an application that just fitted in a 16F648 does no longer fit; overfilled by more than 200 words if I remembered well. Are there perhaps other options I need to use? As a reference I suppose you could use the project i have sent you a few weeks ago regarding the strange linker error. Frederic
  13. FredericG

    Linker Internal Error Message Lacks Information

    I have it agian, I have frozen the project in a tar-file . Where do I send it to? Frederic
  14. FredericG

    Linker Internal Error Message Lacks Information

    I also have observed this problem several times. Recompiling everything did not work, but moving the code did work... When I have it again, would it be useful that I send the complete project? Thanks, Frederic