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  1. did you use IR for obstacle detection purpose or as a target so the robot can move to the target? I think u should mentioned that...
  2. dear mr ra68qi, again i need your help. I'm using Source Boost IDE (BoostC) and try your given code as well. But a problem occured. After i finish writing the codes and then i click on the Build Project icon to compile. From the output box it mentioned that the codes were fail to compile. here it is: Building... BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.60 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2006 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2006 David Hobday Single user Lite License (Unregistered) for 0 node(s) Limitations: PIC12,PIC16 max code size:2048 words, m
  3. hey ra68qi, yes , i'm using servo motor that i have been modified for continuos rotation. The servo works well when i test it with servo tester (that using 556 Timer) and able to stop, turn cw and ccw. Now, what i want to do is to move the servos using PIC16F877A. Anyway, thanx for ur codes and i will try it.. since i use two servo, how probably the codes are when i want to move servo 1 clockwise and servo 2 counterclockwise synchronously?
  4. Can we use other value instead of 100us (1/10kHz) ? How about 20ms(1/50Hz), because the PWM signal will repeats for every 20ms, but probably the PR2 will be larger than 255. How it suppose to be? Please noticed that i'm using servomotor for locomotion purpose for my mobile robot. Like allanlane 5 just said, 'servo' control signal is a 1 mSec pulse for full left, a 2 mSec pulse for full right, and a 1.5 mSec pulse for "center". This pulse MUST repeat every 20 mSec, to 'refresh' the servo positioning electronics.
  5. hello guys, i am a newbie and i'm working on a c programming code to control servo motor via pwm. i'm using pic16f877A because it has 2 CCP pins that i can use to generate pwm with 20MHz osc. Since then i have a few problem to make the servo to turn clockwise, counterclockwise and stop in writing the program's code. The most problem i'm probably faced is how to set the timer value. According to the PIC16F877A datasheet, it provide an equation which is pwm period= [PR2+1]*4*Tosc*[TMR2 prescale value] From the equation what is 'pwm period' , 'PR2' and 'TMR2
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