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  1. This is not the problem ! The problem is, that the native asm code produced by your compiler doesn't work correctly when we program it with the SX Key Software from parallax. The problems are the code lines i descibe before. For example : produced by the c compiler : "mov w,#$0F mov m,w" but we must use "MODE #$0F"; only then the SX do what he has to do. For the other changes we have to do read our messages before. Best regards M. Kenner
  2. So our problem must be the Parallax-Asm from SX-Key. Probably the code from standard expressions is not correctly assembled. I had to change the mentioned expressions in order to get a running program in our SX. Do you have experience with this one or which asm do you prefer. Best regards from the Baltic Sea
  3. Why can't the compiler ignore this ASM errors (it is really strange, he doesn't know which assember i will use)? Or where can i set it off ? Thanks for your reply
  4. @admin The Ports D and E are not defined. We have download the last version (21 or 22. Feb) and the prior version. The initialization of the Port are also not correct. If we do correct them, the the assembler works fine. The problems are : - in place of "mov w,#$0F mov m,w" we must write "MODE #$0F"; the first exp is the output of the compiler, which we translate by hand to the second exp - in place of "mov w,#$FF mov !ra,w" we must write "mov !ra,#$FF" - no definition of the set_trisd and set_trise - the code line : "asm MODE #$0F" creates an error-message : "" - also the code line "asm !ra,#$FF" Another question : Is there a possibility for writing macros ? Thanks for your reply.
  5. Are the portd, porte and the memory-size of the sx52 supported ????? Under Settings...Target can be the Item SX52 selected but i think there is no support in the IDE and the Compiler. Is it right ?
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