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  1. dear mr Raghunathan @ ra68gi, thanks for your info and help.. you are right about IR transmitter and receiver that i use for. That IR 38kHz is carrier frequency for communication. I also use 555 timer to generate 38kHz. I use IR transmitter SFH485P from siemens (http://docs-asia.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/0028/0900766b8002885f.pdf) and IR receiver module IS1u60 form sharp (http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/I/S/1/U/IS1U60.shtml).. actually, briefly my project is like this. I build a beacon and robot. The beacon which is the target for the robot consists of IR transmitter which will send the signal. The robot will searching for the beacon signal. The objective is the robot should go to the beacon based on the signal from transmitter. For object detection, i use ultrasonic. I use IR only for communication. My problem now is about programming. I stuck in A/D conversion. IR receiver consists of an analog output. So i use PIC internal A/D because i think more easier. I want to know, how to set ADRESH and ADRESL which is a result for A/D conversion? Is it automatically generate or i have to set something? I bit confused about this. thanks anyway
  2. hi , for my final project, i build an autonomous mobile robot using IR transmitter and receiver. I using PIC 16F877A as a microcontroller for a robot which is as receiver. I set IR frequency to 38kHz. For the locomotion system for my robot is using 20MHz while IR receiver is set to 38kHz and ultrasonic is set to 40kHz. Because of IR receiver is analog input, i use A/D converter module in PIC to create digital ouput (binary number). My problem is about selecting the A/D conversion clock, should i use oscillator which operating frequencies is 20MHz or use oscillator which is operating frequencies 38kHz ? or can i use both? can these two frequencies compatible if i use both? and 1 more thing about the A/d conversion. i don't understand about ADRESH:ADRESL. ADRESH is A/D Result High Register, ADRESL Result Low Register which contain 10bit of result of the A/D conversion. Is it ADRESH and ADRESL is output for A/D conversion? How to know or set the ADRESH or ADRESL? can anyone help me?..thanks
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