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  1. hi this is my programming..but it's no working...anybody plzz help me on this programming!! while( 1 ); { if (portc.0 == 1) { step1: portb.2=1; //servo1 control for(y=0;y<5;y++) { for(x=0;x<50;x++) { delay_ms(2); //rotate 90degrees ck for(w=0;w<50;w++) { delay_ms(1); //rotate 90degrees cck } } } } } } here is its error Building... BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.35 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2006 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2006 David Hobday Single user Lite License (Unregistered) for 0 node(s) Limitations: PIC12,PIC16 max code size:2048 words, max RAM banks:2, Non commercial use only servotest.c success Exit code was -1. [invalid argument.] Removing target: servotest.hex Failed to locate output file 'servotest.hex' Done Failed regards.. robomaker
  2. thanks ra68gi... by the way, i'm working to operate rc servomotor at precise angle... and have repeated actions for each step.. as we know servo will turn cck at 1.0ms, center at 1.5 ms and ck at 2.5ms... so how could i define its rotation angle between this range... ex: for 60 degree and -45 degree... by using your delay coding in servomotor control as you suggest... regards: robomaker
  3. hello guys, i am a newbie and i'm working on a c programming code to control servo motor via pwm to define the angle.i had read a lot of questions and programming in this forum but i still can't understand it.i'm using pic16f877A with 20MHz osc. Since then i have a few problem to make the servo to turn clockwise, counterclockwise and stop at the precise angle because i'm working for dancing robot project in writing the program's code. to define this angle in servomotor programming, is it need me to convert this angle value into binary number for this programming and how to do that? i'have found that in PIC there are 2 types of crystal oscillator that will be used, 4MHz and 20Mhz. any body can tell me what is function of these oscillators due to their value and effect to the programming. I hope that anyone can guide me and i'm really appreciate that..regards robomaker
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