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  1. I have try the compiler it did'nt work.i need more help.
  2. Dear members can anyone tell me the compiler that was used to compile this source, #include ''siren.h'' #define TONE_PIN PIN_A0 #bit TOIE=0x0b,5 int select_tone_pattern(); void change_tone_style(); enum status{count_up,flat,count_down,silent}; byte tone_pattern[4],tone_pattern_ptr=0,tone_pattern_count[4],tone_pattern_freq[4]; byte set_time_count=120,tone_style,cycle_count,pre_level; byte freq_count=0,reset_timer_count; byte timer_count=0; byte inportb; void main() set_tris_a(0xfd); set_tris_b(0xff); cycle_count=10; tone_style=flat; #ifndef debug port_b_pullups(FALSE); setup_timer_0(RTCC_INTERNAL:RTCC_DIV_4); #else etc. this a source code for siren and it uses pic16f84, i will be greatful if a member can tel me the compiler used for this.
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