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  1. char run; char x; //Endless loop while( 1 ) } { if(porta.0==0x01) // define input button { x=run++; // pass count value to x switch(x) // select which case will be done { { case(0): portb=0x80;//for number 0; portd=0x0f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x40; portd=0x6f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x20; portd=0x6f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x10; portd=0x6f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x08; portd=0x6f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x04; portd=0x6f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x02; portd=0x0f; delay_ms(2); portb=0x00; portd=0xff;
  2. what is rtfm??i'm kinda new with this programming thing
  3. can you please give example on how the program is done??how we define a switch as an input for the counter??
  4. can you help me with the programming??what commad do u use??any examples??
  5. have anyone done programming as stated here??-16F877 8x8 dot matrix programming to display number(range from 0-20 would be enough),counter type..a switch acts as an input
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