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  1. Hi boys & girls, or girls & boys! I´m coming from Basic Stamp, and now going to SourceBoost. And I don´t regret. But (do you realize there is every time a BUT). Even if B.S is expensiv they have an exellent manual. So go from B.S to SourceBoost will be a tuff stuff. But :-) Now to the point, B.S have some verry good subroutines, codes statements, i.e some is named "PULSIN" " PULSOUT", "SHIFTIN," "SHIFTOUT". The Pulsin sends pulses (clockpusles) to anny port you wish, (for i.e adc_convert), Pulsout read pulses from a port. Shiftin manipulates bits in a word or byte, Shiftout red bits from a port. How did I do that whit SourceBoost. That is my first question. But ;-) not the last. Take care of your life says Rune
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