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  1. i did evry thing ,am using c lang, the emic cant say the whole sentence.. printf("say=temperature iz %s degrees",x); the word degrees is not appear the delay is enough i tried to separate it printf("say=temperature iz %s",x); printf("say=degrees"); also not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hello: the problem is when EMIC says the results it stops without completing the sentence my statement to be clear: printf("say=temperature is %s degrees",x); the word "degrees" will not appear EMIC stops before saying it.. i tried to separate printf but also same printf("say=temperature is %s",x); printf("say=degrees"); also ot work.. wut should i do???
  3. thnx alot emte i already did that code its easy , i asked u if u have other sensors or devices to improve my project coz i'll not put the lm35 sensor alone thats silly,right? thnx agrissive man
  4. ok, i did 80% of the code , if u think that is poor project give me additonal ideas so i can use the result to say it on my speech module thnx alot
  5. data sheets cant help in programmin the pic ,u know wut is the datasheets,right? i asked for a hints on a c code i did the circuit by my own ,i dont know how to program in c langauge ,i dont think that u have a company to hire coz if u were a manager non of ur employees will stay in ur company.. thnx alot if u wana help ..
  6. emte for sure i write a simple code to test the PIC ,but now i want to know the hints for the LM35 sensor so i can write a code for my project
  7. hello : my graduation project is called "voice speech synthesizer" i'll read temprature from LM35 sensor then send it to 16F877 pic then it will convert the voltage into ASCII and send it to the EMIC module to say the temprature but am lost and i cant focus how to start ,the code the interfacing ... can anyone guide me how to write c code ?.. i tested the pic and send the result through MAX232 and read it from PC.. then wut should i do????!!!! i dont have much time really
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