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  1. Hi, I'm an engeneer but new with pics and this compiler. I just installed it on my laptop and tried to make my first project. I target a PIC16F874. This µC has PAT file. I tried to use it but compiler seems not to it ! Here's the compiler's output : E:\ite\pic\develop>C:\PROGRA~1\PicAnt\c2c.exe -PPIC16F874 -SRC -ols -md -O2 -Ip16F874.inc -oE:\ite\pic\develop\sod.asm main.c C2C-plus 5.0.6e C-compiler Copyright© 1998-99,2000-2003 by Pavel Baranov http://www.picant.com/c2c/c.html support@picant.com (Extended version) Licensed to: Jean-Pierre DESMAZURES main.c Warning: Can't map context saving variables into mapped ram area. Check if the piccont4.pat or piccont2.pat script is used (in the 'Scripts' directory) Message: Built-in variables are obsolete. Use variables defined inside the system header file Optimized 12 instruction(s) Finished. I've oubvioulsy checked that "piccont4.pat" was present in : C:\Program Files\PicAnt\scripts I had a glimpse to your changelog and I've seen that the bug was supposed to have been corrected a long time ago.
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