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  1. Haha, well I suppose we shall see then I'll be sure to post a link to the video when I'm done with it here so you guys can see too! Cheers!
  2. Haha, drats. Great minds think alike I suppose Well, I was going to take a pic every 10 seconds or so for around 7-8 hours and then use frame-blending to form a smoother looking time-lapse movie. So its not entirely the same And plus, Jürgen has a boy kitty, and I have a girl one, so instead of checking out the hotties like Mr. Lee does, Polly should be doing more adventurous stuff! Its kinda cool he's selling it, now everyone can see where their cats go off to! Haha, it might infringe on privacy though. Before you know it, the NSA and CIA will use kitty-cams to spy instead
  3. Thanks Pushkar, I'm used to programming in 32-bit environments, so I constantly forget about 8-bit limitations. I'll make the necessary adjustments, Cheers!
  4. Haha, well I'll sift through the pictures before posting anything The camera I got has an SD slot, so luckily even if the batteries do fail (which I count on because this model is infamous for eating batteries like kids with cake), the pictures will still be there. Alright, thanks for the help everyone, Cheers!
  5. Alright, thanks for the help guys! I have some optocouplers, but the minimum voltage is going to be a bit too high for whats available (I'm using batteries and making this whole thing portable... I'm actually strapping a camera to my cat to see where it goes during the day ). So I'll try the other method of figuring out whether the camera is grounding or supplying voltage via the switch. Just so I'm sure about this, setting an IO pin as LOW is the same as "grounding" correct (since the current is 'sunk')? Supplying voltage won't be a problem because the camera (a keychain camera) us
  6. Hello, I'm using a PIC12F683 (I also have a 629 on hand as well) and am programming a simple circuit which will tell a camera to take a picture (by shorting the two sides of the switch in the camera) every certain time interval. Here's my current program: void main() { trisio = 0; //configure port B pins as output while( 1 ) //endless loop { gpio.0 = 0; delay_ms( 10000 ); // pause 10.0 seconds gpio.0 = 1; delay_ms( 500 ); // pause 0.5 seconds } } which will use GPIO pin 0 to pulse high for .5 secs, and sink low for 10.0 . The problem with this is that th
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