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  1. Following the above ....... The creation of arrays seems to be at fault. unsigned char Array[5] ........ should produce 6 locations 0 - 5 Array[5] = '5'; should put '5' into array at location 5 a = Array[5]; In this example 'a' will not be '5' If the array is made larger say ... static char Array[6] then Array[5] works as it should and I assume Array[6] is now faulty but I have not checked. The contents are constant, nott varying, and so are being read from somewhere. IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 7.30 Compiler: BoostC 7.30 Compiler version: Compiler version Target device: PIC18F66k80 OS: W10 Is this product still being supported? There seems to be so liitle activity on this site for what is an excellent product. If activity is to stop can you release details of how to create the include files etc. for new products? I did have a go a few years ago without success. Regards Richard
  2. Bug description: When using debug the port is not shown correctly Steps to reproduce: main() { trisa = 0x00; porta = 0x3f; } Expected behaviour: This should show 0x37 for porta instead it shows 0x1f (I suspect confusion between port_bit and chip pin number .... RA3 is input only and is pin 4, RA4 is R/W on pin 3) Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Yes IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 7.12 and 7.20 Compiler: Compiler BoostC Compiler version: Compiler version & ..... I think Target device: PIC12F1822 OS: OS Windows XP
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