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  1. Hi! I am still using C2C-plus 4.6.3e. Is there this bug in my compiler version? thank you Francesco
  2. Hi! Anybody have some example to use PIC16F877 as SLAVE unit in a I2C network? Thank you Francesco
  3. Hi Hobknob, It sounds good!! I'll ceck and let you know. Thank you Francesco
  4. Hi, Daniel Yes, but to save memory space that is never enough I'll try to patch .hex file. Bye Francesco
  5. Hola dvaccaro, Thank you for the answare but my question was: how can I put some bytes in .hex file, that during programming (by MPLAB), are written in the PIC16F877 EEPROM area? (sorry for my english) Bye
  6. Hi, Does anybody know how can I insert in my c source code some byte to be stored in the internal EEPROM douring the micro programming? (to be used as default value in my application). thanks Francesco
  7. Hi! Wy some times the compiler don't use the scripts located in its directory under the "scripts" dir.? It seems that compiler can't find those files. Thank you in advance, bye vergy
  8. Does anyone know how can I read the current cursor position on the LCD. thankx
  9. Hi Admin, This code don't work. I changed to that one: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Author: vergy PCLATH BUG#2 fix // //// // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Name: "PCLATH fix FV (no TEMP VAR NEEDED)" Debug: on Pattern: 00. clrf %v0% 01. addwf PCL, F Action: insert 00 " addlw LOW(const_param__code+5) ;;extra 1" insert 01 " btfsc STATUS, C ;;extra 2" insert 02 " incf PCLATH, F ;;extra 3" insert 03 " movwf PCL ;;extra 4" delete 05 ... and, as you can see, it need no W_TEMP var. I have tested this code and it work fine. regards. p.s. I have registered my copy of compiler right 30 minuts ago and I received an e-mail that tell me to send you the "hardware fingerprint"; where can I found it?
  10. Hi! I downloaded the demo version of c2c45 right yesterday and I have tryed to port there some my LCD managing functions. This code contain approx 25 constant string to be showed on the LCD. I seen that the asm translation for the arrays vectorization was: const_paramconst_ptr__param00, W addlw LOW(arr001+1) the "clrf PCLATH" instruction is the couse of bug: I mean if you have many const array some of that could be over the 0x0FF program counter and as soon as "addwf PCL, F" is executed you'll jump to a different PC position. Am I making some mistakes? Anyone know how can I fix this situation? In any case I am apreciating very much this compiler. thankx, bye
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