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  1. Thank you all that have sent input of ideas and sources of informaiton. With a lot of hard work and a little luck I should be able to get through the demo in october. Thanks Again Everyone, Dan
  2. Ok, I can manage turning a pin on and off, but what I don't know is how to make a timer.
  3. Here the text of the actual letter sent to Jon in regards to his failure to produce the program that had been paid for with the exception of the final $2000.00. and literally nothing was recieved in return with the exception of 2 small I mean small snipits that he gave us(I am guessing since I did not know anything at all about programming this was a ruse just to basically shut us up) as he formated the hard drive of the computer we had puchased for his use to write the software so we have no record of what was done or not done. After this fiasco we consentrated our efforts on another product
  4. Picxie, The programmer we had hired to do all the software and programming backed out on the deal took off with $10,000.00 and left us hanging. I am an electronics engineer not a programmer I know enough to be dangerous when is comes to programming that is why I hired someone else to do it. In the spring I will acquire the knowledge and start working on minor degree but that is of no help to me right now. Here is my delema. I have 3 weeks to demonstrate to my investors that my system works or I loose them I leave for florida oct 5th. I need a basic count down timer 60 to
  5. I am looking for anyone who can either write, or help with snipits to construct a 60 second timer that upon button press (RB0) Turns on LED at (RD1) when timer = 0 Turns on 2nd LED at (RD3) 16F946 MCU Also there is a 4x20 HD44780 based LCD to display countdown 59 to 00. E=RG0 RS=RG2 RW=RG1 DB0-DB7 Port F 0-7 respectively. I am just learning pic micros and do not have enough knowledge myself to write the program. Any sugestions, snipits, or help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks D.
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