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  1. Apologies, the red emocon should have been the one with this message, for humorous exaggeration of situation, I am a very happy user of C2C-plus, and C2C before that. Declan
  2. Hello, I am using PicAnt 5.1/C2C-plus/SX28AC and it would be very helpful if there were explanations for the different optimization options accessible while selecting the options, or available from the help menu. Thank you, Declan Hughes
  3. Hello, my C2C-plus program has reached the length where extra page instructions are inserted into the delay_us assembly program and this will affect its accuracy. Currently delay_us is placed at the end of the assembly code after compilation. Is it possible to force it into a different assembly/memory location that might/will avoid extra page instructions ? Thank you, Declan Hughes dhughes@aero.tamu.edu
  4. Hello, I have just downloaded PicAntIDE 5.0.4 and I will be registering within a few days. However I notice that I can compile my previous C2C C code (have version 3.28.06e). What are the limitations of the PicAntIDE 5.0.4 shareware code prior to registering (I could not find mention of this at the http://www.picant.com/c2c/c.html website) ? Thank you, Declan Hughes dhughes@aero.tamu.edu
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