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  1. Hi jartim, Are you sure INCF 0x47, W modifies the value in Trembler ? Cheers Reynard
  2. You are correct in your findings. Some of the tdf files are specifying the incorrect program address range. This is a subject that came up a few years ago but who wants to go through all the tdf files to find the errors. Hopefully they will be corrected as they are reported. My main work horses are the 26k22 and 46k22 which appear correctly specified. Cheers Reynard
  3. Check that the data sheets are not specifying number of instructions as one instruction is two bytes. Cheers Reynard
  4. First time using Chameleon and I'm stuck. enum MY_ENUM {ENUM0, ENUM1, ENUM2}; int myIntArray[ENUM2]; void main() {} Why can't I use an enum value as array size ? Works with BoostC. Cheers Reynard
  5. For W10 you must run preg.exe as administrator. Cheers Reynard
  6. I2C Configuration

    Hi, This is in the Extra Plugin Pack for simulating serial EEPROM chips like 24LC256. See the SourceBoost web site Products tab. Probably not what you may have thought it was. Cheers Reynard
  7. The RAM usage says you have used 128 bytes when only 68 bytes are available. This could be a problem. Cheers Reynard
  8. Hi Futz, Have you tried _porta (that is underscore porta). Cheers Reynard
  9. Guidelines For A Good Bug Report

    Hi Richard, Array[5] says you are asking for an array of 5 chars therefor 0 - 4 are the indexes. Yes it is a good product but needs to be brought up to date with the editor and a few bug fixes, 64 bit version etc. I am still using it today along with Novo. Cheers Reynard
  10. Hi, I moved 7.x from XP-32 over to W10-64 without any problems. No need to install previous 6.x version. I ran from Command Prompt as administrator. Navigate to the Preg directory and run it using the version 7 key. Preg does not provide any warnings about administrator privileges being required. Cheers Reynard
  11. I2C Slave Address

    Yes you can just send the address byte. The stop will reset everything. The sspadd must be the address shifted left one bit same as you are transmitting. The slave mode should be 0110 = slave mode 7 bit. You won't get an ACK back until you read the ssbuf and clear any clock stretching. The interrupt flag will be set on address match and cleared when you read ssbuf. I don't use the supplied libraries so am not familiar with what they do. I am all interrupt driven so roll my own depending on needs. Cheers Reynard
  12. I2C Slave Address

    The data sheets are probably not all that clear. Get a copy of application notes AN734 and AN735. These will give you an idea of how to use the status register as a form of state machine. The PIC is not as good as the Atmel devices when it comes to I2C states, but they do work. Cheers Reynard
  13. I2C Slave Address

    The definition is in the Philips I2C specification. The master clocks out the 7 bit address plus the R/W bit (bit 0). The master will take the 7 bit address, shift it 1 bit left and append the R/W bit before putting into the transmit register. The slave will ignore bit 0 when performing the address comparison but the hardware will register the state of bit 0 in the status register so you know what is being asked. Cheers Reynard
  14. Float Math

    You need to add the float library to your project. Right click on the project and select "add files(s) to project" Find the library under SourceBoost/Lib. For you it will be "float.pic16.lib" See manual page 8. Cheers Reynard
  15. Works for me (SB V7.30) Just done a copy and paste and it compiles without error. Maybe you have a sneaky character in there somewhere. Cheers Reynard ps. Are you compiling for a PIC16LF1519 which doesn't have _VCAPEN ?