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  1. Thanks ysj, I think I'll build these routines and add them to my toolbox. Why did you convert to C2C. My choice to use C2C was what looked like a more ANSI based system. I would like to see more binary, bolean, byte based operators though. Thanks again Brad
  2. Good Day All, Ok, got some goodies up and running in C. Real nice compiler C2C. Anyway Have a function I'm tring to build to read PortA pin 1 and build a char out of repeated reads. Found a snipit from a programmer using CCS. He uses a function called shift_right(data,n,input). I am having trouble replicating this. For(x=1;x<=num to read;x++) { data = data >> 1; data = input_pin_Port_a(1); } return (data>>8-x); It seems to be simple enough but I get all kinds of missdirects and general syntax issues. TIA Brad
  3. Good day all, While I wait for my C2C Cd to find me. Have any of you seen or have experence with the timing of X10 codes through a Tw523 interface? I have tried several experiments with asm, to no avail. Pic is a 16F84A, RA0=ZC, RA1=RX, RB0-7 are outputs. House Codes and Unit codes are hard coded. I can receive start code '1110' but I think I have issues with timing of other recieve data. I am switching from asm to C becouse I know C much better being an old Unix hack. If any one has seen sample code it would help me greatly. Ta Da Brad
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