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  1. hallo... how do i measure the eact timing on my code using boostc? even it have speed tester, but it dont show in time base.... and how do i measure my the time of my desired code?
  2. ok... i got your point....but it has variety of interrupt flag.... so what will happen when the interrupt flag occured at the same time... and every interrupt flag has its seperate event... for example interrupt for timer0 and interrupt for serial.... which want event will occured?
  3. hi everyone... recently i'm studying about timer.. i'm using pic 16f877a.... but it's hard for me to understand about compare/capture/ it's anyone could make it simple to understand.... and one more question how do we make interrupt calling the interrupt? someone help me
  4. allo i'm beginner in c progarmming..... i want to know how to create header file.? and what it's advantage... thanks
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