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  1. hi : i got error whin we access overloading function from base class class CTask { public: ~CTask(); CTask(){trisb =0;} virtual void Draw(); }; void CTask::Draw() { portb = 0; } class CTask1:public CTask { public: virtual void Draw(); ~CTask1(); CTask1(){trisb = 0;} }; void CTask1::Draw() { portb = 1; CTask::Draw(); //Error Failure here } CTask T; CTask1 T1; void main() { CTask* pElement = &T; pElement->Draw(); pElement = &T1; pElement->Draw(); while(1); } regards msela
  2. thank you for replay' and i am so sorry when i was so hurry on my topic , i didn't buy to my self licence yet i am still test boostc++ on my applications , could we host <boostc++ OR BOOSTC> on our windows applications. and could we to become a distributor in syria? Visit My Temporary Website help me please regards msela
  3. hello i am so wornder why this topic is egnored . i am new in this forum but i am on programming c++/native and c++/CLI for and embedded C for along years ... regards msela
  4. hello i note this prob also on boost c++ that i cant access global variable char i = 0; void main() { char i; for( i=0;i<10;i++) { portb++; } portb = i; portb = ::i; //error } also this loop don't working when internal declare variable for(char i=0;i<100;i++); // some pause , error regards msela
  5. thank your very much for respond source boostc++ good and robust tools
  6. (static member variable) on class didn't work on boost c++ as example class Point { char x,y; static value; }; void main() { Point p; Point::value =20; // error here } regards msela
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