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  1. Is it a compiler error to produce asembler instructions like: movlw D'264' (The w-register is 8 bits wide?) And that then produces the "many const string" problem? Is or will there be any fix for this problem when you have man const strings? Someone that have managed to use more than 25-30 const strings without having the problem with wrong program jumps?
  2. I also have the same problem with scripts, when I tried to solve the const string problem. The only thing I can find that I have done is that there is more than one version of C2C installed on the computer and that they are not installed in default directory. (eg installed in C2C450 and C2C454) The same script worked ok in version 4.18, but not in 4.50 or 4.54. But I have no solution for it except trying to compile in 4.18.
  3. Hello! My last message seemed to dissapear! Ok, I try again! I have problem with const strings. And I have tried the scripts without luck. The scripts seems to do some fix in the const_param__code section. But what I can see so is the problem at the call of the print function (call to the const string). It works good when not having so many strings. In the example below you can se that movlw D'256' tries to put a number bigger than 8 bits into the 8bit W register. And this will do a jump not to the right conststring!??! Do sombody have a solution for this problem? I am new on this and do not know how to fix it. Best regards vbk ;;;;;;;; printf("debug - Debug info\n\r"); movlw D'248' movwf param00_printf call _printf bcf PCLATH, 3 bcf PCLATH, 4 ;;;;;;;; printf("temp - Temperature DS1820\n\r"); movlw D'256' movwf param00_printf call _printf bcf PCLATH, 3 bcf PCLATH, 4 ;;;;;;;; printf("test - Finns ej!\n\r"); movlw D'264' movwf param00_printf call _printf bcf PCLATH, 3 bcf PCLATH, 4
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