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  1. I'm trying to map the I2C example to a 18F2515, but without much luck. It just says 'preprocessing error' and quits. Somewhat more exhaustive error reporting would be appreciated from the preprocessor.
  2. That is true, albeit there are IDE:s that doesn't come with a compiler. For example, Anjuta or Ecplise doesn't. Since different people prefer different editors it does make sense (in my humble opinion), to separate the editor/debugger from the compiler suite. As it is now the SourceBoost IDE is just a waste of disc space on my computer. Why is there no option to install only select parts of the suite? Choice is never a BAD thing; only Microsoft and their sheep herds will tell you otherwise. "Choice is baaah-d. Baaah-d."
  3. Hello, I have been trying out SourceBoost for a while now. Today I was just cleaning up a bit on my development machine and saw an entry in "Add/Remove programs" named "SourceBoost IDE". I removed this, thinking it was just the IDE part of SourceBoost and not the compiler. Let's just say the subsequent build attempts in MPLAB of my SourceBoost projects didn't build too well. First of all, why is the entry not named "SourceBoost developer suite", "SourceBoost IDE and compiler"? That would probably have stopped me from uninstalling it. Second, why isn't the IDE and compiler separable? I only want the compiler/library in any event. Other than this, so far the compiler has worked excellent. Best regards Martin "xarragon" Persson Martin Persson System & Design Sweden
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